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What is a Will?

A will allows you to name an executor to handle the initial administration of your estate. That includes gathering financial information and may include probate. A will is also the place you name a guardian for your minor children. A will can also distribute specific items of personal property.

What is a Trust?

There are many advantages to having a trust, even if you feel like you don’t have a “trust fund baby” estate.

  • Most importantly, a trust allows you to create a long-term management plan for your assets, which is particularly important if you have a life insurance policy.
  • If all of your assets are properly titled in the name of your trust, it is possible to avoid the probate process at the time of administering your estate.
  • Additionally, having a trust allows your successor trustee to continue to manage your finances during your life if you are unable to manage them yourself without needing a court to appoint a guardian to do so.
  • Finally, trusts are private documents

What is Power of Attorney for Property?

A power of attorney for property allows you to name an agent to make financial decisions for you if you are alive but unable to communicate them.

What is Power of Attorney for Health Care?

A power of attorney for health care allows you to name an agent to make health care decisions for you if you are alive but unable to communicate them. A power of attorney for health care also includes end of life decision making language.


Get to know Tara

In 2011, Tara Baker formed Trust to provide new families with a high-quality estate planning alternative to traditional, full-service law firms.

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What Our Clients Say

Overall, a fantastic experience!

Tara was so great to work with! She took time to understand our family and needs, clearly explained our options, and helped us think through our decisions. We were able to schedule appointments and review drafts at our own convenience, and her flexible hours were perfect for us as two working parents. The process was quick and easy – from the day we initially reached out to her to the day we signed our documents was just two months (including a holiday season) and Tara was responsive, helpful, and supportive throughout. Overall, a fantastic experience!


Amazing to work with!

Tara was awesome from start to finish. She broke everything down step by step and helped make the whole process seamless. I have already told several people how amazing she is to work with. Thanks Tara!


Top notch and highly knowledgeable.

Tara is top notch! Highly knowledgeable about the law, fast response time, and the work product was impeccable. She is super nice, too! I will be telling my family and friends to contact her.




Trust’s goal is to make estate planning accessible and easy for families. We can do most of our meetings over the phone (during nap time or after bedtime or on the weekends), we charge a flat fee, and children are always welcome to join us when we meet to finalize your documents.

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