This task can seem overwhelming. The truth, though, is that it’s about as easy as it gets for this type of thing. And let’s be honest, as parents we are nothing if not planners – we plan everything from complicated carpools, to birthday parties, to vacations, nap times, time with the grandparents, summer camps, holidays, meals, and everything in between. Have you ever seen what a weekend schedule with traveling baseball, swim meets, birthday parties, a dance competition, and soccer games looks like? Your estate plan is simple compared to all of that!

What Do I Need to Do?

You’ll be responsible for providing some basic information about your family and finances, as well as the contact information for the individuals you’ll be naming in your documents.  You’ll need to be available for a few phone calls and an in-person meeting.  That’s it!

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What is Involved in Having an Estate Plan Prepared?

First, we’ll have an initial consultation to cover the basics and for me to learn a little more about you, your family, and your estate planning goals.  It’s okay if you don’t know them yet!  I’ll send you a questionnaire that asks for some information about your finances and asks you to begin thinking about who you would like to name to serve in the various roles within your plan.  Then we’ll discuss the details of your plan.  After you review the documents I draft, we’ll meet to sign them – and bring your kids!  I don’t want you to have to get a babysitter to get this important task completed.

What if I Don’t Know What I Want My Estate Plan to Look Like?

We’ll talk it through!  Part of my job is to guide you through making these decisions – everything from what we want your trusts to look like, to who should be the guardians of your kids.

How Long Does it Take?

For the most part, that depends on you!  Generally, as soon as I get the information, we can be signing the documents within a week or two.  The overall process, though, generally takes about six weeks.  If you have a specific date in mind (a vacation without your kids, perhaps?) , I’ll always try to accommodate it.

Your estate plan can actually be the easiest plan you’ll make!



Trust’s goal is to make estate planning accessible and easy for families. We can do most of our meetings over the phone (during nap time or after bedtime or on the weekends), we charge a flat fee, and children are always welcome to join us when we meet to finalize your documents.

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