What is an estate plan?

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An estate plan is a series of documents that address the management and disposition of your property during life and upon death. An estate plan allows you to determine who [...]

Do I need an estate plan?

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YES! If you have children, life insurance, or care about what may happen to your assets upon your death, estate planning is imperative. Trust customizes each of our plans to [...]

What comprises an estate plan?

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Typical estate plans include a will, a revocable trust, a power of attorney for property and a power of attorney for health care. In some cases, a simple will, without [...]

What is a will?

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A will is a declaration of your wishes regarding the disposition of your property upon your death. A will may be revoked and amended during life. A will allows you [...]

What is a trust?

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A trust determines how your property is to be managed and distributed during your life and upon your death. Revocable trusts may be revoked or amended during life. Trusts may [...]

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